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Plant location

To make it easy for you, we have already placed all the houseplants in the right space. So you can create your own green bubble in no time. A place to retreat, recharge and relax.

Plants make your life more fun. Healthier, cozier and greener, that too. They are champions in purifying air and treat you to mountains of concentration, creativity and calmness. But... Not all houseplants are suitable for every room. The golden rule is: take into account the amount of daylight and humidity per room.

At Green Bubble we don't like hassle, that's why we make plant shopping a breeze. We deliver them as pizzas, straight from the grower to your living room. Crackling fresh!

To make it easy for you, we have already placed all houseplants in the right space for you. This way you can create your own green bubble in no time. A place to retreat, recharge and relax.

The best place for your houseplant

Every houseplant needs light, air and water to grow. One plant, of course, more than the other. For example, the Cactus likes to be in the sun and the Calathea will  need a place in the shade. It is not for nothing that each plant has its own instructions for use.

In order to optimally care for your houseplant, it is important to put it in the right place in the house. For example, the bedroom is generally a bit darker than the living room, and in the bathroom the humidity is probably a bit higher. In each room, a different plant will therefore come into its own.

No more snoring thanks to the pineapple plant
Perfect for the bedroom is the pineapple plant. This so-called 'anti snoring plant' seems to be the perfect combatant against snoring sounds. So.... Does your partner keep you up at night? Then the tropical pineapple plant might be something for you!

Houseplants for the living room
When choosing a houseplant for the living room, it is important to think about the place where the plant will eventually be placed. For example, is the plant next to a stove or perhaps next to a window? Then this can have consequences. Therefore, always check per houseplant whether it is resistant to this. Furthermore, you undoubtedly have the most space in the living room to place a large houseplant. That is why you will find a lot of cool XL plants in our range. Perfect for filling an empty corner!

Plants in the office improve air quality
We may not always think about it, but plants in the office have many advantages. Especially in the summer and winter period. The windows and doors are often closed to keep the heat in or out and the air conditioning or heating is often blowing. Unfortunately, this can cause complaints, such as: less oxygen, dry eyes and colds. If you have plants in your office, these complaints can be reduced. Office plants are therefore not only very cool, they also have a lot of advantages. Twice as functional!

Indoor plants for the bathroom
Create a botanical spa oasis in your bathroom by adding plants. Keep in mind that most bathrooms have little light. A plant with low light needs is then the best choice. It is also useful to choose a plant that loves high humidity. How about the spoon plant, for example?

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