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Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm

Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm



Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm



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  • Free delivery in NL & Belgium 2,95,-
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The Polyscias is also known as the Aralia and is a plant with character. The Polyscias will be an eye-catcher in your home!

Product description

Polyscias Balfouriana, also known as Arlia, is native to Africa and Asia. Polyscias is the Greek name for this plant, which freely translated means: many (poly), shadow (scias). 

The Polyscias Balfouriana has fine green leaves with a white circle around the leaf. These houseplants look like real trees, even the smaller variants of this plant family. The branches are already very strong at a young age and the houseplants soon get a lot of leaves. To keep the Polyscias Balfouriana healthy you do not need much knowledge. This houseplant is therefore also ideal for people with less green fingers.

Care and tips for the Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm

The Polyscias Balfouriana should always be placed in moist soil without the soil drying out completely. Make sure that this houseplant is not standing in a layer of water. When there is a large surplus of water given or present in the pot, the Polyscias Balfouriana will shed most of its leaves. When the leaves of the Polyscias Balfouriana turn yellow, it is the first sign of excess water. Yellow leaves can also be a sign of too little light. In this case, move the plant to a brighter spot.

On the leaves of the Polyscias Balfouriana a white calcium deposit can form. When your Polyscias Balfouriana shows this tendency, it is best to water it with rainwater. It is not dangerous for the houseplant, it just looks a bit less beautiful.

Water requirements of the Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm

The soil of the Polyscias Balfouriana should always be moist, but without a layer of water in the pot. We therefore recommend that you water this houseplant more often in smaller amounts than in one large amount. In the autumn and winter months, with lower temperatures and less light, this houseplant needs less water than in summer. So adjust the quantity and frequency of watering accordingly. In the winter months, the soil can be a little drier than in summer, but it should never dry out completely.

The amount of water needed is different for each Polyscias Balfouriana and depends on the ambient temperature and light intensity. After buying the plant we advise you to experiment with watering and to feel the soil often to see if the Polyscias Balfouriana needs watering again. If the soil is still wet after 4 days, you can water it a lot less the next time!

Light requirements of the Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm

The Polyscias Balfouriana (contrary to what its name suggests) likes a place with plenty of sunlight. This houseplant does need a few hours of direct sunlight! When the Polyscias Balfouriana gets too little sunlight, its leaves will fall out and its growth will stagnate. This houseplant does not like changes and therefore does not like different locations. When you buy this houseplant, it is not strange that it will drop its leaves in the beginning. This will happen sooner in winter than in summer. 

Is the Polyscias Balfouriana - 70cm a poisonous houseplant?

This houseplant is absolutely not poisonous, so it is a very animal- and child-friendly houseplant!

How is my Polyscias Balfouriana shipped?

This houseplant will be delivered in a pot. All our houseplants are shipped in specially designed boxes! Due to the unique interior, the green houseplants are firmly positioned in the box and cannot move. Houseplants don't mind being in a dark box for a day. This way, we make sure that your green friend is delivered to your home in tip-top shape.


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