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Combi deal - Ficus 160 - Augusta  150 - Bananenplant 100 inclusive pot Jenna gold

Combi deal - Ficus 160 - Augusta 150 - Bananenplant 100 inclusive pot Jenna gold



Combi deal - Ficus 160 - Augusta 150 - Bananenplant 100 inclusive pot Jenna gold



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  • Free delivery in NL & Belgium 2,95,-
  • Delivery Fresh from the Grower

With this great combo deal including our Jenna Gold pots, you instantly bring a tropical atmosphere into your home.

Product description

Care & tips Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata is not a difficult plant to look after. However, this houseplant also needs attention now and then. Make sure you know the right care and Ficus will shine for you!

Ficus Lyrata needs water

Ficus Lyrata likes water. However, the plant does not appreciate too much water. It is very difficult to say exactly how much water Ficus needs. It remains a living creature and one Ficus can be thirstier than the other. We advise you to feel this for each plant by rooting with two fingers up to the knuckles in the soil. When the soil is deeper dry, Ficus Lyrata can be watered again. Is it still wet from the previous watering? Then wait a while. Too much water can cause root rot, which is often difficult to save.

Light requirements Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata is a real sunbather and loves being in the sun.  Put it in a place where it gets a lot of light. A lack of sunlight can cause the leaves to fall out and not grow back quickly. 

Is Ficus Lyrata poisonous?

Unfortunately, Ficus Lyrata is poisonous if ingested. The sap that is released when the leaves are cut can also irritate the skin. Therefore, keep Ficus at a safe distance from pets and children.

Care instructions for Strelitzia Augusta

The Strelitzia Augusta is a robust houseplant that is relatively easy to maintain. The Strelitzia is known for its lush leaves with large cracks and brown edges. If you water the plant well every week, you will enjoy its green tropical character for a long time. The plant also likes to be sprinkled occasionally. After all, the air humidity in tropical rainforests is also high. 

Water requirements for Strelitzia Augusta

The Strelitzia needs sufficient water each week. Just stick your finger in the soil to see if the soil is dry at the roots. If this is the case, it is time to water the air-purifying houseplant. Do this on a weekly basis. Watering the plant once in a while will ensure that it stays nice and green and healthy. 

Light requirements for Strelitzia Augusta

The Strelitzia Augusta is a plant that loves the sun on its bulb. So place the plant in a light spot or in the sun. However, the Strelitzia will dry out more quickly if it is in full sunlight, so keep an eye on it!

Is my Strelitzia Augusta poisonous?

The Strelitzia is a slightly poisonous large houseplant. Ingesting its leaves can cause health problems in children and pets.

Care & tips Banana plant

The Banana plant is perfect for the real plant lovers. This green houseplant needs just a little bit more care than your average green friend.

The Banana plant comes from the tropics and therefore loves a good gulp of water. Give this green houseplant with large leaves sufficient water once a week. Make sure that the roots do not get flooded! 

Light requirements for Banana plants

The location of a banana plant is very important! The plant loves the sun. Make sure that this large houseplant is placed in a warm and sunny spot.

Is the Banana plant poisonous?

Luckily, the Banana plant is not poisonous at all. No problem if you have pets or small children.

How will my Ficus, Strelitzia and Banana Plant be delivered?

These green houseplants are delivered in an ornamental pot. All our houseplants are sent in specially designed boxes! Because of the unique interior, the green houseplants stand firm in the box and cannot move. Houseplants don't mind being in a dark box for a day. This way, we make sure that your green friend is delivered to your home in tip-top shape.


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