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The Croton Excellent is also called the "Wonderbush" and that is not without reason. With leaves that are almost every colour of the rainbow, it really is a tropical sight.

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The Croton Excellent is also called the "Wonderstruik" and that is not for nothing. With leaves that have just about all the colors of rainbow, it is really a tropical appearance. Due to the wide color palette of the leaves, this houseplant fits  in almost any interior because there is always one color matched. This Wonder bush comes from the Crotoneae family and is also known as the Spurge family. These plants are known that when they break / damage a milky substance is released. Originally, the Croton Excellent comes from the region around Indonesia and India. The Croton Excellent needs the necessary attention and love, but you get a very beautiful houseplant in return!

Watering the Croton Excellent

The Croton Excellent should always have a slightly damp surface without it drying out between waterings. Make sure that the soil is not wet, this can cause root rot and that will not benefit the health of the plant. We recommend that you give the Croton Excellent small amounts of water more often than a large splash at once. Watering once a week is sufficient in most cases. However, the amount and frequency of watering depends on a number of factors: the ambient temperature, the light intensity, the size of the plant and the size of the pot.

If the soil of your Croton Excellent feels dry again 2 days after a watering, it is best to give a little more water the next time. However, if the soil of your Croton Excellent still feels wet after 4 days, we advise you to give less water in the future. By regularly checking the soil for humidity, you will eventually learn whether your Croton Excellent is ready for fresh water again. We advise you to keep an extra eye on the Croton Excellent in the first weeks after purchase and to check the potting soil regularly.

Spraying the Croton Excellent

Spraying the Croton Excellent is necessary to prevent spider mites on the plant and to stimulate its development. The more often you spray this houseplant the better, we recommend spraying this houseplant at least once a week. In the winter months when the stove is on, we even recommend that you spray this eye-catcher twice a week.

A hot shower also helps this houseplant to stay healthy and works preventively against pests. To do this, cover the soil with foil so that it does not get completely soaked. This will really remove all the dust from the plant so that the sunlight can reach the leaf better. This will ensure that the color intensity remains beautiful so that you can enjoy a beautiful color palette.

The best pitch for the Croton Excellent

The wonder sprain will retain its wonderful colors when it receives as much light as possible, be careful with direct sunlight in the summer months! If you still give this houseplant a spot where it is in direct sunlight a lot, you should build this up slowly so that it can get used to the amount of light. If you do not do this, his wonderful leaves will burn. If the Croton Excellent is in a place with too little lying down, it will no longer produce new leaves and the color intensity will also decrease sharply. In this case, move it and it will recover on its own.

This houseplant also likes the necessary heat, during the day the minimum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius and at night this temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius. The Croton Excellent is therefore not really suitable for greenhouses or garden rooms.

Help! The leaves of my Croton Excellent discolour

Although you of course do everything to keep the leaves of your Croton Excellent as colorful as possible, it may be that they still discolor or become less beautiful. This is often due to the care of the houseplant. The light intensity is of great importance for the colours on the croton excellent leaf. When the leaves darken, we recommend that you put the houseplant in a place with a little more light. It is also possible that the Croton Excellent gets dark edges on its leaves, this is a sign of too much water. When this houseplant drops its leaves, this is a sign of too little light or too much water.

De Croton Excellent bijsnoeien

This houseplant is not a fast grower but if it gets too high, you can cut off its trunk at the desired height. It is best to do this in the spring or summer so that the trunk will sprout again. We recommend that you cut away the suckers in the beginning of autumn, this way the sunlight can reach the plant better in the winter period. During pruning, milky juice will be released, we recommend that you lubricate his 'wounds' directly with charcoal dust or cigarette ash. Besides that this keeps the milky substance inside, you also ensure that no bacterial infections can occur. After pruning, the Croton Excellent is susceptible to this.

Propagating the Croton Excellent

This houseplant can be propagated by means of cuttings, for this you need head cuttings of about 10cm. Cut off this piece and insert the 'wound' into cigarette ash or charcoal dust to seal the wound. Then remove 2/3 of the leaf that sits on the stem and root it in a moist soil. The best temperature for the cutting is around 23 degrees. We recommend that you put a plastic bag over the cutting so that the humidity and temperature are higher. Eventually, this baby Croton Excellent will get as colorful leaves as his mother.

Is the Croton Excellent a poisonous houseplant?

The Croton Excellent is a member of the Wolfsmelk family, the milk / juice that can be released during trimming is irritating on the skin. Also be careful with clothes because these juices can give annoying stains. Furthermore, it is important to protect this colorful appearance from pets and small children because ingestion of the juice can be dangerous.

Repotting the Croton Excellent

The Croton Excellent is best repotted immediately after purchase or in the spring. If you notice that the Croton Excellent is a little too tight in its jacket, we recommend that you take a pot that is 20% larger in diameter than its predecessor. Repot the Croton Excellent in the spring, so that any damaged roots can recover better. A larger pot stimulates growth, increases health and creates a natural water buffer because the soil can absorb more water. This makes the care of the Croton Excellent a bit easier.

Fertilizing the Croton Excellent

If you want to give your Croton Excellent an extra nutritional boost, we advise you to do this only in the spring and summer period. In the winter period, the Croton Excellent is at rest, it hardly grows and consumes few nutrients. Never give your houseplant more than is prescribed on the packaging. An excess is harmful to the plant because these foods are often quite acidic and this can affect the roots.

The flowering of the Croton Excellent

As a houseplant it almost never blooms, if it does come into bloom then it probably does not even stand out. The flowers of this houseplant are very small and white in color. If you do see them, we advise you to cut them away, because they do not contribute to the ornamental value of the plant and they cost a lot of energy for the Croton Excellent.

Common diseases in the Croton Excellent

The Croton Excellent can suffer from Mealybug when it is in a place in the draft. This houseplant can also suffer from spider mites, this is often due to too dry air. Both pests can easily be combated with a powerful water jet. Make sure that the jet is not too powerful, so you damage the leaves. For a longer-term solution, we recommend treating the Croton Excellent with a chemical or biological pesticide.

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