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Bromelia Corona

Do you find it annoying that you snore or does your partner keep you awake at night with his or her snoring? Then this tropical pineapple plant might be just the thing for you!

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    The pineapple plant, Bromeliad pineapple plant or crested lily is perhaps the nicest plant of the past year! This small houseplant immediately catches up with your house in the summer! A pineapple plant is therefore the perfect candidate for combating that winter dip. The pineapple plant is also known for its anti-snoring effect. Bothered by a snoring partner? Put the pineapple plant in your bedroom and enjoy quiet nights (success not guaranteed).

    Of course, the pineapple plant is recognizable by the small pineapple that grows from the plant. The pineapple plant comes from the Bromeliad family. A Bromeliad plant is a plant species that is known for its beautiful flowers and colors. Fortunately, taking care of a pineapple plant is not a complicated job. If you take care of the pineapple plant regularly, you will become best friends! So you can enjoy the Bromeliad Corona for a long time even if you are not a plant expert! The pineapple plant is therefore suitable for every plant lover. If you read on, you will also find out whether this pineapple plant is edible! The hip and trendy pineapple plant is stylish in all types of interior and has a cool retro look.

    How to care for a pineapple plant?

    It is important to know how to best care for a pineapple plant. It is a houseplant that  needs little maintenance, but it is essential that you keep a close eye on the Bromeliad pineapple plant. Caring for a pineapple plant is not very difficult since the pineapple plant does not require much care. It is a tropical houseplant that loves enough sunlight. Fortunately, we have listed the most important care tips that will help you with the care of your Bromeliad pineapple!  

    Watering a pineapple plant

    Are you planning to water your pineapple plant? Then first read carefully how you can best do that. Of course, we don't want your pineapple plant to dry out or drown! We have a number of useful tips so that you can take good care of the pineapple plant.

    Pineapple plants do not need a lot of water. So first check carefully whether your pineapple plant actually needs water. Therefore, put your finger in the soil to check whether the soil around the roots of the Bromeliad pineapple plant is still wet. If this is the case, it is better not to pour too much water. Too much water can cause the roots of the pineapple plant to rot.

    If the soil of the pineapple plant feels very dry, you can pour some water. The pineapple plant is a houseplant that only needs water 1 time a week. If the leaves of pineapple plants start to hang, that is also a sign that the plant is thirsty! You water the Bromeliad Corona in the heart of the plant. Despite the fact that the plant does not need much care, it is important that you take good care of the pineapple plant! If you do this, you can enjoy your trendy pineapple plant for a long time!

    The perfect location for a pineapple plant

    The location of the pineapple plant is very important. The Bromeliad pineapple plant likes a nice warm and light spot. Avoid the bright afternoon sun. The pineapple plant does not like too much light and UV rays. Too much sun and sunlight can cause the pineapple plants to burn. Of course you want to prevent this! So do not put the crested lily right in front of the window but rather in a place where indirect sunlight falls. If the pineapple plant is in a too dark place, it may be that the pineapple plant loses its bright color. Normal daylight is therefore perfect for the pineapple plant. Also be careful with the radiator. The pineapple plant does not like to stand above a heater. This can cause the plant to dry out. An environment with a temperature around 17 to 20 degrees is perfect for the pineapple plant! In short, the perfect location for your Bromeliad pineapple plant is in a light, warm spot without too much direct sunlight!

    Repotting a pineapple plant

    The pineapple plant is a relatively small plant and therefore does not need to be repotted. The pineapple plant has a relatively short lifespan and therefore does not need to be repotted. Unless you prefer to have your pineapple plant in a different style pot of course! If you are going to repot the pineapple plant after purchase, it is advisable to take a pot that is 20% larger than the growing pot. The ratio of the pineapple plant is then more beautiful and you prevent it from falling over if the pineapple becomes too heavy! It may be that the pineapple on the pineapple plant becomes quite large!

    Cutting a pineapple plant

    Propagating your pineapple plant is a simple process. The Bromeliad Corona will automatically show small pineapple plant cuttings at the base of the plant at the moment the pineapple plant has grown. These are all very small baby pineapple plants. If you take good care of the pineapple plant, you will get cuttings that can grow into new mature pineapple plants!

    It is important that you only repot the cuttings of the pineapple plant when they are at least 10cm in size. The cuttings need enough water so make sure they don't dry out. If they are large enough, you can very carefully loosen cuttings of the pineapple plant at the roots. If you manage to save as many carrots as possible, the cuttings of the pineapple plant will have the greatest chance of survival! When the cutting of your Bromeliad pineapple plant moves to its own pot, it is wise to add some green houseplant food. Green houseplant nutrition will promote the growth of the mini pineapple plant! You can also add an apple peel when the pineapple plant is ripe. This promotes the flowering of the Bromeliad pineapple plant!

    Pruning a pineapple plant

    Since the pineapple plant is not very large, it will not be necessary to prune the plant quickly. If you discover some leaves that are less beautiful, you can prune them away. Be sure to cut off those leaves near the trunk of the pineapple plant. This is better for the health of the Bromeliad pineapple plant and it therefore remains a beautiful plant to look at! If the leaves of the pineapple plant turn brown, this is a sign of too much direct sunlight! You can also cut off these brown leaves by cutting them close to the trunk of the plant.

    Diseases in the pineapple plant

    Diseases in the pineapple plant can sometimes occur. It is therefore important that you take action quickly when your pineapple plant looks less good! A common disease in the Bromeliad pineapple plant is spider mite. Spider mite can be prevented by spraying the pineapple plant regularly. A moist pineapple plant ensures that the spider mite has no chance to settle! 

    Everything you need to know about the pineapple plant

    A pineapple plant is of course known for the small pineapple that grows in the heart of the plant. Yet the pineapple plant is not only known for that reason. We are happy to tell you more about the positive effects that a pineapple plant can have!

    Is my pineapple plant edible?

    Is that little pineapple in my pineapple plant edible? This is probably the first question that comes up when you see the pineapple plant! The pineapple plant will be green in the beginning, but then the pineapple will turn a beautiful yellow. The moment the pineapple plant turns yellow, it may seem attractive to eat your pineapple plant. Unfortunately, the pineapple plant is not edible. The little pineapple that grows in the heart of the plant is just a lot of fun to look at! Other annoying news is that the pineapple plant dies after the flowering of the pineapple. So make good use of your mini pineapple plant that grows as pineapple plant cuttings next to the mother plant!

    Does my pineapple plant help against snoring?

    An additional advantage that the pineapple plant has in addition to its nice appearance is the fact that the pineapple plant is a natural solution against snoring! A pineapple plant releases oxygen at night. The pineapple plant also repels an airway-dilating odor and anti-inflammatory enzyme. A pharmacy and houseplant in one! The anti-inflammatory enzyme is called Bromeliame and in combination with the extra oxygen and airway dilating smell that the pineapple plant gives off, it can have a positive effect on people who snore! The pineapple plant is therefore a perfect bedroom plant! Does the Bromeliad really work against snoring? We do not guarantee success, but if the Bromeliad does not prevent snoring, you still have a nice houseplant at home.

    Origin of the pineapple plant

    Almost everyone has heard about the pineapple plant by now, but where exactly does this trendy houseplant come from? The origin of the Bromeliad pineapple plant lies in tropical countries such as Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Fortunately, you do not have to go to those countries to get a pineapple plant, but you can simply order your pineapple plant online from home at Green Bubble! The pineapple plant is then neatly delivered to the home.

    Buying a pineapple plant at Green Bubble

    You can of course order such a cool pineapple plant online at Green Bubble! The moment you buy a houseplant, you naturally expect a healthy and beautiful plant. At Green Bubble we do our utmost every day to send top quality plants to our customers. The pineapple plant that you ingest always comes directly from the grower. This way we guarantee the freshness of the houseplant. Buying a pineapple plant is a very easy process via Green Bubble, you don't have to leave your house for it!

    Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer and a healthy plant. Do you want to buy a pineapple plant but don't feel like going all the way to the store? At Green Bubble you can easily order all your houseplants online. This way we ensure that you never have to drag plants again. Buying a pineapple plant is therefore easy and fast in our webshop. When you order a pineapple plant today, you will receive it at home in no time!

    Ease of ordering and beautiful houseplants, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a trendy pineapple plant? Join the Green Bubble!


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