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Green Bubble 2x Alocasia Stingray
2x Alocasia Stingray

2x Alocasia Stingray

Brand: Green Bubble
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You have got counting... hours
  • Give a green boost to your interior
  • No more dragging with plants
  • Free shipping from € 20,- (NL)

The leaves of this topper are covered with the tail of a stingray. Look at it!

 1x per week
 A little bit of both.
 Pot size 12cm
 Height 45cm
 Air purifying

The Alocasia, also called elephant ear, is a great plant with a tropical touch that is a nice addition to your interior. 

Plants are never exactly the same, the shape and dimensions can change.

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By: Debbie
Date: 11/07/2018

Ok niet de allermakkelijkste maar wel een hele stoere plant zeg. Bij mij gaat het tot noch toe goed wat betreft de verzorging. Bladeren gingen wat hangen, maar ben begonnen met extra water te geven. Resultaat± een supergave plant!

By: Danie
Date: 21/06/2018


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